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In response to those who have asked if they
could donate to the Media Companion project,
we now have the facility to do so!

MediaCompanion_logo.png Media Companion                       Hosted by SourceForge!

Media Companion is the original free to use Movie/TV Show manager and organizer that offers full XBMC integration.

With Support for Movies, TV Series, Home Videos, and now Music Video with distinction between Music Video clip and Music Video Concert.

Simply put, Media Companion offers the facility to gather information from the Internet and make this information available to you in an organized manner.

The information collected includes such things as posters, backdrops, plot summary,actors and actor images, ratings etc, and are placed with your video files for easy addition to your library.


Media Companion Currently supports Movies and TV Shows.
Movie Features include.


TV Show features include.

Home Movie Image

Home Movie features:

Music Video Image

Music Video features:

Command-line function
Use mc_com.exe in a batch file for automatic movie & TV scraping.

Known Issues:
Some, but getting fewer and fewer. Please see the To Do List

.NET Requirements:
Media Companion requires .NET 4.0 Client. If you prefer, the Full .NET Framework can also be used.